Amazon curtails some service, highways closed, as protests impact freight and driver safety – FreightWaves

As protests over the death of George Floyd continued around the country on Saturday and into this morning, many turning violent, their impact is now spreading to the freight world.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced that it is recalling drivers and adjusting routes in several cities affected by protests, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon sent delivery drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles a message advising them to stop delivering packages immediately and “return home.”

“If you have not completed your route, please return undelivered packages to the pick-up location whenever you’re able to do so,” Bloomberg reported the message said.

In a viral video, a man died in St. Louis after being run over by a FedEx (NYSE: FDX) truck on Saturday. The truck, according to police, was forced to leave Interstate 70 as protestors blocked the highway. Once on a local road, more protestors forced the driver to stop. According to KMOV4, protestors began climbing onto and banging the cab while others began looting packages from the trailer. At least two people pointed guns at the driver, the station reported.

Fearing for his life, the FedEx driver blew his air horn and started driving off. A bystander, Jared Arms, captured the entire scene on the video and told KMOV4 people started yelling as the truck drove off.

“I was standing on the side of the pavement and I started to notice a crowd go to the truck, so when I went over there,